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star_trek100's Journal

A Star Trek Drabbling Community
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rules aka how this works
• The concept here is to use the prompt as a source of inspiration.
• You may write about any Star Trek series you wish.
• Drabbles need to be 100 words long, but if it's a couple words over or under don't freak out about it. The words will not be counted by a mod, but use a word counter either on your writing program or use wordcounttool.com. Every drabble must be brand new, written specifically for this community.
• Prompts will be posted every Tuesday and you can suggest prompts here.
• When posting, use these guidelines or something similar - each drabble must have its own header and each header must be outside an lj-cut

• Use tags. Upon your first post, make a note that you need an author's tag and one will be made for you by a mod - use that tag for posting. Also use a tag for the challenge you're writing for.
• No real person fic, no original characters and no crossovers. Drabble series are allowed as long as they all relate to the prompt.
• Feel free to write for previous prompts if you feel inspired.
• If you're posting two or more drabbles in one post, an LJ-cut is required as well as if it is of an R+ rating. Fake cuts are okay.
• If you have any questions regarding rules or anything else, ask them here

everything else
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Suggest a Prompt
Go here to suggest a prompt. Comments are screened.
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